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Flexitallic invest significantly and continuously in technology to support future development of materials and to set new industry benchmarks for the evaluation of existing products.
Our World Class testing centre, based in Scandinavia Mill, West Yorkshire ensures we remain at the forefront of innovation in the supply of sealing solutions for industries around the world.
The ability to evaluate the performance characteristics of gasket materials is critical to the development of new products and also in ensuring that the standards we set for the reliability of our products are achieved. It is also of vital importance from an environmental viewpoint – plants in all sectors are striving to ensure a high level of protection for the environment and require seals which significantly reduce their fugitive emission impact. FlexItallic continue to invest and develop sophisticated methods for evaluating the environmental performance of our products, allowing us to develop products which balance reliability with low environmental impact.
Our test equipment also supports the work of our application engineers; by replicating the conditions encountered in practice we are able to ensure that the most suitable seal is being employed and that it can operate safely in even the most arduous of conditions.
Gas Leakage
DIN 3535-6, BS 7531
Liquid Leakage
Tensile Strength
ASTM F152, DIN 3535-6
Creep Relaxation
Stress Retention
BS 7531, DIN 3535-6
BS 7531, DIN 3535-6
ASTM F36, BS 7531
Compression and Recovery Testing
ASME B16.20, Customer Specification
EN 13555 – Unified Gasket Standard Tests
ROTT (Room Temperature Tightness)
HOBT (Hot Blow Out Test)
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