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Flexitallic has developed the I-Flex isolation system, an insulation gasket to provide electrical and cathodic insulation in pipeline systems, and which has passed the stringent API 6FB Fire Safety test.

We provide a complete product range to limit corrosion in pipeline systems, utilising modified PTFE material Sigma® and our unique high temperature material Thermiculite® - both giving unrivalled performance:


I-Flex-HP - High Pressure 

I-Flex-LP - Low Pressure

I-Flex FS-HP - Fire Safe/High Pressure

I-Flex FS-HT - Fire Safe/High Temperature


The I-Flex Isolation system has received approval from Saudi Aramco, for more information click here.

  • I-FLEX Isolation System

    Insulating gasket and insulating washers are metal grooved core with a Sigma® 500 ring and Sigma ® 500 facings on each side.  The facing material is not limited to Sigma ® 500.
    The Sigma® 500 facing and spacer ring material is specifically designed for flanges where only low bolt loading is available.  Such flanges can be glass lined, ceramic, plastic or so distorted that they provide areas of low gasket stress only.

  • I-FLEX High-Temperature Isolation System

    The Flexitallic I-Flex High Temperature flange insulating set is comprised of an insulating gasket, insulating sleeves, insulating washers and metal backing washers.  The insulating gasket is constructed from a serrated metal core utilising Flexitallic’s unique “Shallow P” profile.
    The metal core is faced with Thermiculite® 725; a high performance, fire safe sealing material incorporating Flexitallic’s proprietary vermiculite based sealing technology.
    Correct gasket location is ensured by the inclusion of a Thermiculite® 725 spacer ring positioned around the periphery of the serrated metal core.

  • SABIC enhances workforce skills with The Academy Of Joint Integrity
    SABIC enhances workforce skills with The Academy Of Joint Integrity
  • Thermiculite® High Temperature Material – Invincible against Heat.
  • Change™ Gasket – Our best gasket yet - proven to perform 60% longer!
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