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Developed for use in Critical Services, Thermiculite® gasket material maintains integrity from intense heat to extreme cold and exhibits resistance to aggressive chemicals.
Providing industry with a high performance and technologically advanced material, engineers find Thermiculite® easy to work with in a huge range of applications.
Comprised of thermally and chemically restructured Vermiculite, a non-asbestos, versatile, non-toxic, non-hazardous mineral, Thermiculite® demonstrates remarkable versatility. When combined with various other materials such as Aramid or Steatite, Flexitallic’s unique and innovative manufacturing processes allow Thermiculite® material to be incorporated into many product forms. To find out more about the many industry applications of this unique product range.
Thermiculite® is specified by name throughout industry. Applications include Petro Chemicals, Fertilisers and OEM, all of which require extreme process temperatures. Flexitallic’s team of experienced engineers use the versatility of Thermiculite® to create bespoke sealing configurations in equipment and piping systems to increase operational up-time for our customers. This truly remarkable product has proven itself as an effective long-term sealing solution in over 500 of the most demanding industrial sealing applications.
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