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The world's only high operating temperature, fire safe isolation gasket..
The Flexitallic Group has developed the I-Flex isolation system, an insulation gasket to provide electrical and cathodic insulation using Sigma technology.
The I-Flex isolation system is specially engineered materials enable to extend the current operating temperatures seen with traditional insulation technology. The gasket is constructed from Flexitallic’s specially designed serration profile faced with structurally modified PTFE based on Flexitallic’s proprietary Sigma® Technology.
Flexitallic’s I-flex isolation gasket set now allows designers and operators a greater choice in service conditions, no longer restricted by conventional sealing technology.
Isolation Service Profile
Flexitallic identified the need for the I-Flex isolation gasket set system, offering greater choice in service conditions, no longer restricted by standard isolation sealing technology.
Service Temperature Range:
• Temperature -200°C to 260°C
Service Pressure Range:
• Upto and including Asme B16.5 2500 lb.
Chemical compatibility:
• pH range - 0 - 14. Strong oxidising and reducing agents.
I-Flex "High-Temperature" Flange Insulating Set
Insulating gasket set with a serrated metal core
Operational pressure range:
Full vacuum to ASME B16.5 2500 lb
Operational temperature range:
-200 to 380ºC
Fire safe compliance:
API 6FB (Third edition)
I-Flex "High Temperature" Flange Insulating Set


The Flexitallic I-Flex "High Temperature" flange insulating set is comprised of an insulating gasket, insulating sleeves, insulating washers and metal backing washers. The insulating gasket is constructed from a serrated metal core utilising Flexitallic’s unique "Shallow P" profile. The metal core is faced with Thermiculite 725; a high performance, fire safe sealing material incorporating Flexitallic's proprietary vermiculite based sealing technology. Correct gasket location is ensured by the inclusion of a Thermiculite 725 spacer ring positioned around the periphery of the serrated metal core..

Flexitallic I-Flex high temperature flange insulation sets are specifically designed to effect a seal and maintain electrical isolation across a wide range of seating stresses and flange classes in elevated temperature service. They can be utilised in load compromised connections; such as damaged and/or lined flanges and also heavily bolted connections where significant gasket stresses may be generated. In addition the relatively high compression characteristics of the facing materials ensure both seal and isolation performance can be realised over a wide range of flange surface finishes. The use of Thermiculite 725 as the sealing material pushes the performance of the "high temperature" insulation set beyond the capability of traditional insulation sets based on phenolic resin or glass epoxy sealing technology.
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I-Flex Isolation System