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The Flange Rescue Gasket (FRG) is a revolutionary, award-winning product from Flexitallic, created in direct response to requests from our customers.
Asset Managers in the oil and gas industries wanted a solution to the problem of internal corrosion of flanges with associated hydrocarbon releases. Utilising Flexitallic’s powerful sealing technology, the FRG is capable of adapting to extensively damaged flange sealing surfaces.
The FRG allows full closure of the corroded area to prevent further damage, with operators able to open flanges for inspection and confidently resume operation using a new FRG. Creating a new industry standard in the care of flanges and joints, the FRG also provides major cost savings by reducing leaks and slowing the effects of corrosion, therefore dramatically reducing the risk of shutdowns. To find out how FRG could bring benefits to your operation.
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Flange Rescue Gasket